Saturday, October 11, 2008


Fall is here! We had our first frost last night. I turned on my heater for the first time today. I usually wait until November 1st, but I was shivering.
Every October we have a scarecrow contest here in Coupeville. I took some pictures, but they didn't show them justice. The first photo is of my friends Al & Nancy. He gets his imagination going and constructs a fabulous monument every year. Unfortunately he isn't included in the contest because he lives in the country and the contest is downtown Coupeville. He gets honorable mention in my books!!

The picture is too dark to show the big black bat, but it is great!

The theme is "The cows returning to Coupeville".
So a bunch of folks at Island Transit concocted these cows and scarecrow.

We won best in commercial! Whhoooot!
(If you look close at the black spots on the cows, it is actually maps of Whidbey & Camano Islands which is Island County.
Well it doesn't take much to thrill us country folk!
Nope it sure don't!