Friday, October 31, 2008

My two Cats The third is just keeping away from them.

When I brought Cinderella home a few weeks back I thought Elliott would run away. He wanted nothing to do with her! NOTHING! He would scream whenever she came near him.
Well look at them now, folks. It is fun watching them. She would sashay up to Elliott and rub against him, then walk away, then Elliott would do the disgusting thing that animals do and sniff her butt. Look at him, he looks like he is enjoying that! (he is).
Then she would act like he is disgusting and turn around and slap at him.
Then they would end up in a complete fight. This happens alot, and they enjoy this. They both play rough and love it!
Kinky cats!
Happy Halloween everyone!! It is 5:30, and I better get ready for the monsters with bags to stuff candy in!!