Sunday, January 06, 2008

Well, Hello 2008!!

You came in with such force, I am inspired by what you will be bringing us this year!!
We have had high wind warnings just about every day so far this month. Now they are threatening us with snow. But I am ready!
I am ready for anything you throw my way! The trials of last year has only strengthened my Faith, and has made me ready for ANYTHING!!
I trust in the Lord with all my soul. My life is His and I pray I can live in His will. Whatever happens, I will trust that it is for a reason and I am not to ask what the reason is, but accept it. I am not saying I will not be sad, or grieve, or cry, but I will accept this year as it is, and live accordingly.
I have a great prayer group and we give each other strength, which we will be needing during this year of elections!
This Country needs a strong leader and I pray that we elect the right one to do the job. Not the one that looks the best, is the right sex, is a certain race, a certain political party, has more experience, is a certain religion, but the one God chooses to do the job. Whoever is elected we need to rally around and accept the choice and back that person, not stand on corners with sorrowful angry looks on our faces holding a wimpy sign.
We need to be part of the solution!
"What can I do to help out this situation",
not... "I hate what happened, do something!!"
We have a rough ride ahead this year, so be prepared, folks! Be prepared. For ANY kind of emergency. Man made, weather, earthquakes, riots, or just personal problems. Find a place to worship and strengthen your soul. Offer help at soup kitchens, the Red Cross, food banks, Fire Departments, whatever. be part of your Community!
Okay, I'm through with my tirade. I just feel all pumped up with strength and ready to face the world!!

God Bless