Saturday, January 26, 2008

Aren't they adorable?!
I was training new drivers and we drove by one of the trainees farm and she showed us her "boys". Tanqueray is tha fuzzy headed one in front. I forgot the other one's names. They are so cute! She sells the wool and my Niece spins her own , so I found a contact for her to buy fresh Alpaca wool!

Friday morning I got a call at 6:00am and it was Sherry, my brother's wife telling me she took him in the ER. He was having severe stomach pain!
I have the story on the Caring Bridge Site just click on that, give your email address, then pick a password and you can visit any time for updates.
If you don't want to visit the site, the short of it is: They did xrays and saw he had a severe blockage and thought they needed to do a colostomy. Later they did more tests and decided it was not the cancer this time, it is internal blockage. They pumped him up big time with prune juice, enemas, etc. He gets to go home tomorrow. The poor guy was so miserable and in so much pain!!
Thank you everyone for all the prayers. God does listen!

Well it is 35 degrees and raining here! They predicted snow but we get what we get here, and it is mostly cold miserable slushy rain!
I'll take that thank you!

Have a marvelous Sunday!