Friday, September 14, 2007

Calgon......Take me Away!!

I have two whole weeks off!!! I love my job, but I get two weeks of sleeping in each day, hanging around, cleaning out my constant cluttered room, get in the car and just GO when I feel like it!! Well almost, Monday I have a 7:30 AM Mammogram appointment. 7:30 AM, WHAT WAS I THINKING??!! Thursday I am having a Silpada Silver Jewelry party. That should be fun.
My cluttered room....It seems the more I clean and rearrange and try to dispose of, it gets MORE cluttered! I have an 11x11foot spare room which is my garage, hobby room, Library and Computer room. I store my Christmas decorations and other "stuff" in my closet, I have shelves on each wall and STILL no room to put things!!

Ok, I just shamed myself! I better get to work on it so I can take "after" pictures!!
Time to get to my AA meeting!!

Now you know...Most lipstick contains fish scales.YIKES!