Saturday, December 30, 2006

Year's End...

Wow, tomorrow is New Year's Eve!
I spent many years with exciting anticipation of working New Year's Eve when I was bartending. We would plan the night with cocktails and then dancing with many more cocktails then at 1:00am we would have a brunch and get out of there around 3:00am! Sometimes, well MOST times I was drunker than the party goers! I mean really, ya put a kid working in a candy store, what do you expect? I remember dressing up and putting on the make-up, getting my hair done just right just to get blinding drunk and coming home with half my clothes on and makeup smeared all over my face! Oooh la la!! Was I sexy!!
These days are much different now. I anticipate a quiet evening alone with my two cats, sitting watching television and listening to my police scanner while crocheting, and going to bed around twoam SOBER!!
Well I actually changed a bit this year. I asked some friends from Church if they'd like to come over and play games and pray in the new year. They loved the idea so I will have 10 people over here. Hmmm, I hope I don't fall asleep!
This was a weird year.
We had record breaking heat spells in the Summer, drought, and two months later record breaking rainfall for a one month period with floods, severe windstorms, and snow.
At work we have 100 people working there, and within 6 months one guy woke up to find his wife dead next to him (heart), another gal woke up with her husband dead next to her (pneumonia/heart), both in their 50's, a guy's mother died, a guy at work lost his 26 year old son in a car wreck, and tonight a friend at work lost his wife to cancer. She found out in October she had cancer and a possiblility she might live another 9 months, but she died in two months.
We never know when we are going to leave this earth, so say what you need to say when you think it. Clean your house (from clutter and needless junk). I'd sure hate to have someone clean out my house with all this crap I have stored for who knows what!
I'm in my 50's (for another two years anyway) so I think it's time I put a few things in order.
I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of people finding out what a slob I am at home! hahahaha
So I guess that is my New Years Resolution. Clean up my mess and get things in order so I can enjoy my later years. I also plan to eat healthier. I seem to feel much better when I eat more veggies. (Funny how that is, huh?)
I hope everyone has a safe a sane New Years Eve and a healthy 2007!!

"If life were fair, Elvis would be alive and
all the impersonators would be dead."
~ Johnny Carson