Sunday, October 22, 2006


I love October. The hot weather is behind us and Fall is here. The smell of woodsmoke in the air and decorations all over town made from cornstalks. I'm sure my sister will post some pictures of the scarecrows in the town too. This is from my friends that grow all the beautiful dahlias. He has a big vegetable garden and makes a huge sculpture in his front yard every year. Last year it was a horse and this year it is a scarey black cat. They love to do stuff like this, and I love them to do it!

As you all know my computer was off line for a week. I am switching to Comcast cable for high speed internet, and a phone that I can call any where in the U.S. and Canada for FREEE!!! So to all you Canadian friends of mine, email me your phone number when I get my new email address.
I was supposed to have it done on October 12th, but I had to go to work so I cancelled the appointment. I rescheduled the appointment for November 8th, but they forgot to tell the people that turned off Verizon! So, I was without the net for a week. I survived.
Elliott says hello too!

I will be catching up slowly, as I am still busier than I want to be at the moment, but life is good!! God is good!

Why does a round Pizza come in a square box????