Friday, October 13, 2006


Today started out like a typical Friday the thirteenth! I woke up to the alarms and the next thing I know it was 8:19! I usually get to work at 8:30. I pushed the snooze too much that I ran out of it. I jumped out of bed as fast as my crippled old arthritic body will let me (about 5 minutes to get to the bathroom). I got my makeup on and did my hair, got dressed, fed the cats, took my daily pound of pills and got to work in 1/2 an hour (my commute is about 5 minutes). I sat at my computer and realized I left my new glasses on the bathroom counter. Oh well not to worry, I have a spare in my desk (of course). I picked up the spare and POP goes the left lens!! Well I only felt like working at half pace any way. I did the work I meant to do then went to Oak Harbor to sign up some new Paratransit riders.
I visited Hannah while I was there. Hannah is 91 years old today.
I dropped in to see her Wednesday and she recognized me but could not talk. I asked her what was wrong and she tried to say something but babble came out. This is not like her. She has her wits about her and can talk, but can't hear. I asked the gals out in the hall what was wrong with Hannah and they looked at each other and told me I needed to talk with the Nurse. The Nurse said they are doing some tests and that her lungs were clear. WHAT? LUNGS?? She can't TALK!! Then she said they did some blood work and will do some urine tests because her urine smelled strong. NO SHIT! SHE'S BEEN SITTING IN IT ALL DAY!! SHE NEEDS CHANGING!!!
I was really upset, and she knew it. Her son showed up yesterday so she will be clean at least while he is here! I think her system is ready to shut down. She does not look well at all. We are supposed to go to lunch tomorrow so I will see what they say when I show up to get her. I gave her a dozen pale apricot roses and a card.
I went to band practice then got to AA 15 minutes late. There was a young black guy there that needed a ride to the hospital. He said he needs to get mental health tested and the ER said he could come in tonight. I asked him when the last time he drank or took drugs, and he said about a week. He looked like a nice kid but lost. I told him I lived in Coupeville and would give him a ride. OK folks, we live in a rather small town and I am used to picking up strangers and giving them rides so don't start telling me I'm stupid, 'cause I know I am. As we were going to Coupeville he told me his mom kicked him out tonight and he is 23 years old and very mixed up. I asked if he had a Church and he said yes. We then talked and I could sense a very scared lost person here. I asked him if I could pray over him, and he smiled and said he'd like that. HAVE I GONE CRAZY??? Friday the 13th, picking up a strange man in an Alcoholics Anonymous hall, taking him to the emergency room 10 miles away, playing gospel songs on my CD and praying over him!! HAHAHAHAHA Wow, things have changed in my life that is for sure.
It just felt like the thing to do at the time. While I was praying for him and asking God to open the right doors for him and to send his Angels down to watch over him, the guy was crying relief tears. I think right now he feels like this is the rock bottom of his life. 23 years old and kicked out in the cold foggy night with nothing. I pray he finds the help he needs.
Well on that crazy note, I will head to bed and read some of my murder mystery.
Sheesh, reading murder mysteries then picking up strangers in the middle of the night on a cold foggy October night! MWAHAHAHAHAHA
G'night, folks

How important does a person have to be before they are considered
assassinated instead of just murdered?