Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm back and all rested up!

What a beautiful place! The buildings are rustic and clean, the grounds are manicured.
Swans and ducks are swimming,
Even in the rain it is beautiful. And rain it did, all weekend!

The camp cat was friendly. He came and sat on my lap and purred for awhile in the Lodge. The cat, that is. This guy was at a different building for a couples retreat.
The food was served "family style" and there was plenty of it!

The one in the middle is Sherry. (my brothers wife).

The gal on the left is Janet.
God works his jigsaw puzzle constantly in my life. 28 years ago Janet came looking for work at a bar I was the bar manager at. She was not experienced, but I hired her and taught her how to be a good bartender. She met her now husband at that bar. We went different paths, and led different lives. I was sitting with the cat on my shoulder and she was sitting at the table with a huge smile on her face. I let the cat down and she screamed "PHYLLIS?" I looked at her then a few minutes later it dawned on me who she was!! Here we are, 28 years later at a Christian Women's Retreat up by the Canadian Border!! Who'da thunk!?! I certainly wasn't living the Christian life in those days. Nope!! I smiled and said "I won't tell if you don't tell"!! We both laughed heartily!
We rekindled our friendship during this weekend, and will keep in touch. She lives about 55 miles North of me, so we will meet once in awhile for lunch, for sure!