Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change has come

I was so overcome with emotion last night that I sat here and bawled! Then I prayed for Barack. I pray the the Lord covers him and his family with the Holy Spirit and protect them from evils within the Country.
We have witnessed history in the making! I remember the riots in the 50's & 60's, and Martin Luther King assassinated telling of his dream that happened last night!
No matter how you voted, (I didn't vote for Bush but I stood by him and supported him later), we all need to give Barack a chance and believe me, it won't happen over night. He has quite a mess waiting for him to come in and work miracles.
I am very proud of McCain's speech. After all the stupid dirty politics, we need to forget all that and move forward and do all we can to save this Country. We are teetering and ready to fall. I am ready to pay more taxes, nothing comes free (except Island Transit, we are fare free). We need to get this Country back on it's feet and work on healthcare, retirements, and local jobs. BUY LOCAL, folks.
I am going to sit and watch tv tonight with NO POLITICAL ADS!!