Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Farewell Barbecue...Day 4 of my 16 day vacation.

My sister Mary Lou and Merrily waving at the camera. Linda sitting on the steps, my brother Mike and his wife Sherry to the right.
Mike, Sherry and Merrily.
Mike, Linda, Merrily, Carol and Sherry.

We had a great time today grilling alot of meat and eating salads and fruit!
Merrily is a dear friend of all of us and their family is moving to Roswell Georgia next week!! Of all places, GEORGIA!! Merrily is a guardian angel for my family. She is a dear friend of mine and was my sister's nurse when she was in the hospital, then was my brother's nurse when he was in the hospital twice!! She prayed every time she came in Mikes room and made his stay much easier and took the fear from him. They will be missed.
Dang I hate saying goodbyes to friends.