Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Brother Mike

My brother is the one in the white T-shirt. Sherry's brother is the other guy.

Sherry my brother's wife called me this morning to tell me she might not be able to come to the lunch we were going to have today with our Bible Study friends. She said she was up all night with my brother Mike. He got sick last night and was puking for 4 hours straight then she called the ambulance. I went to see him in the hospital and he was in alot of pain. They are keeping him tonight and maybe tomorrow too. His second chemo treatment will be on Tuesday. We are worried about him because he has trouble keeping anything down.
I'm not ready for this. I want to keep my baby brother for another few years. My heart breaks when I see him in so much pain. Poor Sherry is broken hearted too. She loves him so much even after 32 years of marriage!
Mike's son Galen and his future wife Sumre came over to see him and I cooked them all dinner. My poor sister Mary lou is taking this very hard. We want to do something for him, but there isn't anything we can do! We are helpless here. We'll get through this. Mary Lou went shopping for a Christmas tree for herself and brought Mike & Sherry a little 4 foot tree. They are thrilled with it!! Mike usually goes out in the woods and comes home with a little scrawny "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree, so this is a TREAT!!
Mike is sure seeing and feeling the love from friends, and even people that he doesn't even know. My next door neighbor's family pooled together and gave Mike & Sherry some money. That sure came at the right time! Sherry just sent off some bills with a letter saying this is all she can pay right now and had only $26.00 for the rest of the month! Other people are being generous too. People are bringing over cord wood and stacking it for them to heat their house, others have brought over food. My heart is full right now.
I just don't know what to blog about right now so I will say goodnight.
God loves you. Trust in Him and all will be well.

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