Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Blustery Wintry December Day!

I took my 91 year old neighbor shopping today and drove to the Ferry Landing to watch the passenger ferry pull in, but it wasn't running. The wind was too strong.
You can see the waves hit the breakwater and fly away in the wind.
This is one of our bus Operator's waiting for the ferry that didn't arrive. They resumed service after the storm calmed down. We get alot of wind here, and I never tire of sitting at the beach watching the waves.
Well I am about ready for Christmas. I go tro Church tomorrow morning then to a funeral at 1:00, then my boss and her family are coming over to exchange gifts, then I will spend the rest of the day making 3 big baked spaghetti casseroles to take to work. The bus wash crew asked me for baked spaghetti for Christmas. They work their butts off in all kinds of weather, so that is no sacrifice to me! Here is one of 'em sneaking into my candy jar (which I keep full just for them).

Merry Christmas everyone!!