Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay, here is some of my answers...

1. Age and circumstances of first drink -- how did you feel?
As a toddler, I would go around emptying the drinks left on tables from my parents visitors. People actually left drinks? That just isn't right!!

2. Age and circumstances of first loss of control -- what happened? How
did you feel?

The first I remember is on Pennington Hill (before houses) with Linda, Carol, Cheryl and me. We drank warm beer through a straw. I remember very little of that night.

3. Age when you were first concerned about your drinking -- what if anything did you do about it?
I was 19. I worked at the Seagull Restaurant and would oversleep and be late for work. Helen fired me then hired me back. This went on for a while. I did nothing about this.

4. Others who have been concerned about your drinking -- Who? When? Why? Okay, now this is getting personal. My boss, and everyone around me was getting concerned. Mostly Barry. He was a guy that I knew from the restaurant. His mom and my mom were drinking buddies. He was against people getting drunk because of his mom.

No more personal answers from me here or I won't be honest. But you get the idea. Write your answers on your own computer and save them for your eyes only. If there is a part of the questions you want to share, by all means share it! You might help someone else by it.

Be honest with yourself.

Love ya, Phyllis

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