Saturday, October 10, 2009

The North Cascades Highway

Today Sherry (my sister-in-law) and I took a trip up the North Cascades Highway to get a hamburger at the Twisp River Pub and to see the Fall colors. The colors aren't quite out yet but we did see a few beautiful spots. It is a relaxing 4 hour day trip. We did see a dusting of snow at the Pass which is over 5,000 feet high.
This is Sherry. We left about 10:30AM and got home about 9:00PM. The hamburger was the best I've ever tasted! I had a "Portabello Bleu". They use fresh local beef and cooked it medium rare and piled sauteed portabello mushrooms on it topped with crumbled gorgonzola!! NUM!

This is Newhalem. Newhalem is a small, unincorporated community in northwestern Washington, USA, located in the western foothills of the North Cascades along the Skagit River. It is located within Whatcom County.
Newhalem is a company town owned by Seattle City Light and populated entirely by employees of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project, or in local county, state or federal agencies. The town is not open to permanent residents who do not work for these certain agencies. The Ross Lake National Recreation Area surrounds Newhalem on all sides, and the North Cascades National Park boundary is approximately one mile to the north and south of the town. Newhalem does not have an assigned US Postal Service zip code and thus, for postal purposes, uses Rockport, WA 98283 as its city, state and zip code. The name Newhalem has its roots in a local Native American language as meaning 'Goat Snare'. Newhalem has Elementary school students come and camp and learn about the eco-system of the upper-skagit, the other place being the upper baker lake dam. In pre-Colonial times, the site was inhabited by members of the Upper Skagits.
I took this from Wikipedia.

Ross Lake is the highlight of the trip. It is 23 miles long going up to British Columbia, Canada.

Every once in awhile a patch of red would appear, then a patch of yellow. In a week or two it will be in full color, then all the leaves will fall in the Fall storms and then the snows will come.
I love this time of year!

It was getting late and we were losing light for good photos but this was absolutely breathtaking. (Really, I can't breathe very well at these heights). Especially with her danged dog with us!! My gosh, I have never smelled anything so putrid! He farted a few times and It smelled like rotten cauliflower!! PEWIE!!
That's it for now....time for bed!!


Dick said...

I'm going to guess that this trip was actually last Saturday (the 3rd) since it is now only about 13:35 on the day you posted this, but it sounds like a good trip.

I've never gone over there just for a day & come back the same day. We are going to Spokane Monday, then will stop a few days at Manson (Chelan area) on our way back and if the North Cascades Passes are still clear of snow & ice will probably come home that way next weekend, after a stop in Winthrop for lunch at Duck Brand Hotel & Cantina. I expect that by then the fall colors should be brilliant.

Phyllis said...

This was yesterday Dick. I had the day off. I'll tell ya, the Twisp River Inn has my vote for best food. My friend from Twisp told me about it. They don't go to Wnthrop for food anymore. There was just a dusrting of snow yesterday at the pass. And the colors will probably be their best by next weekend I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Did a virtual follow along. A lot of photos from the Diablo Lake Overlook.


Anonymous said...

They're all .jpg if cut off.


Donna said...

HAHAHahahaaaa...Danged Dog!!! OhMyWord how funny...'cuse me while I go get a rag to clean up my spewed coffee!!Hahahahaa...hughugs

Sally said...

Oh, I'm so glad you and Sherrie had such a nice day even with the "stinky" dog.

The pictures are amazing. Thanks for taking us along!!

Anji said...

I've just been drooling over the menus and I can't get over the prices. They are so cheap compared to ours. I'll have to come and visit.

What a wonderful place you live near to. Sherry looks well, shows that she is being loved and looked after by you all.

Mary Lou said...

I WARNED you! Rocky Farts all the time!!! He comes into my bedroom every morning when she drops him off on the way to work, and I wake up gagging at the green fog he emits! Poor Sadie even leaves the room!

Nishant said...

I expect that by then the fall colors should be brilliant.

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