Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The best coffee maker so far!!

I love a good HOT strong cup of coffee. Drip coffee makers are just too cold for me. Heating up in the microwave just doesn't do it for me. If I make a pot, then I end up throwing most of it away. It sits there and brews and gets old tasting.
I saw this at Costco and decided to try it. If I didn't like it, I could take it back no questions asked. well I tried it and WOW! I LOVE the coffee it makes! A fresh cup each time. I can have decaf one time and then a stronger cup next time. No coffee to throw away and NO CLEAN-UP!! Just toss the K-cup away and you are ready for the next cup. Three different people can have a different cup (depends one how many different K-cups you have). It only takes 30 seconds to brew.

This is a K-cup. Pop it in the spot and close the lid, when it is brewed, toss the K-cup! I love it so much that I bought a "mini brewer" for the office. The office one doesn't have a water reservoir, so it takes 3 minutes to brew.

I told everyone it costs 50 cents a cup if they want one. (I hide the K-cups). This makes me happy for a few weeks.
Nothing like a fresh brewed cup of hot coffee to start your day out!



Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed the "return from vacation" phenomena? Things seem to go missing? ;-)


Anji said...

How much are you getting to advertise that on your blog? (only joking). It does sound like a good solution and like you said if you feel like decaf you can have that too. Can you buy tea to make with it too?

Phyllis said...

This is a small Island, JimBob....I'd find the culprit! ANd Anji, I should at least get some coffe out of it, huh? I just like to share what I like. Yes they have tea K-cups and Hot Cocoa K-cups. But I like Hot Cocoa the old fashioned way....Cocoa powder, sugar, can milk and a drop or two of vanilla! NUM!!

Donna said...

Wow! I love a "serious" cup of coffee! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!hughugs

Nishant said...

f you feel like decaf you can have that too. Can you buy tea to make with it too?

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Herman said...

Digging in your posts I found this one about your coffee maker

It was the brand name "Keurig" which took my attention, it means in Dutch "Neatly", used in sentences like this one.

The kitchen is neatly tidy and clean.

And the brand name is correct I think.