Saturday, March 08, 2008

Easter in two weeks!!??

Wow, tonight we set our clocks ahead (why? who the heck knows?!!) Easter is in two weeks. And the Country is still in the middle of Wintery weather!! If there is snow, then the Easter eggs will be much easier to find.
I was driving home today from a luncheon and we saw a yard with clothes out drying on the clothes line. Now that is a rare sight to see. That brought on a conversation of laundry day. I remember using a wringer washer, wringing the clothes into the rinse tub, then wringing them into yet another rinse tub. Then out to the clothes line using wooden clothes pins to keep them on the line. If it started to rain we would run out and grab them really quick or else just leave them out on the line until it clears up and dries them.
After we brought the dry clothes in we would sprinkle the ones to iron using an old pop bottle with a special top on it for sprinkling. After sprinkling the clothes we would roll them up and put them in the basket to iron.
There were no steam irons then, or spray starch. Electric dryers came later as did the fancy washers. Maybe they were already invented, but we sure didn't know about them!! We had white scratchy sheets that were stiff from the lines. (Maybe that is why I spend ALOT of money for my special sheets now). I guess I have turned into a sheet snob. Well heck, I spend 1/3 of my life in bed, why not sleep in comfort and style?
Laundry day now is on Saturdays, and the biggest chore is putting them away. Not anything like we had forty years ago!! Thank the Lord!!
I am keeping up on my Fitness Center! I actually look forward to it now. I try to go at least three times a week, preferably four times a week. I spend at least an hour each time. I use the recumbent bike for 10 minutes then the treadmill for 15 minutes, then upstairs for the 7 different weight machines. I do about 30 revolutions each with 50 pounds. I feel my back building up strength and muscles. Whoopeeee!! I have only needed to use my pain pills once this week!!
This will be a long journey, but well worth it. I hope to keep a steady schedule of this. After the gym, then I really watch what I am eating, knowing how many calories I burned on the machines.
Hope every one has a great week ahead!!