Saturday, November 03, 2007

Update on my brother....

My sister took my brother to the surgeon on Wednesday, and he was refered to the oncology clinic for Chemo..

As she says on her post: "It is bad, but not hopeless...It is an adrenocarcinoma, which started on his apendix and then grew from there. It is tons of little cells like bubbles growing everywhere.

WORST CASE is the tumor can say UH UH no chemical cocktails here, and grow agressively, and then he might have 6-9 months, but the Dr does not think that will happen. He THINKS that the Chemo will retard the growth, and then MAY just stall there for awhile. It will Never go away, but it could buy him YEARS!"

He goes to the Oncologist and his first chemo treatment on the 13th. We will know more then.

We just never know what life brings us each day. We wake up one day and life as we know it is no more. We could get in a car accident, have a stroke, a heart attack. My brother is going through a depression (totally understandable) and it is my job to help him live his life each day as if he will live, and not looking towards dying.

We will cross that bridge when it gets here, in God's time.

He has been visited by many folks and has a whole bunch of people praying for him and Sherry. That alone is healing for the soul. I thank every one of you for your prayers. He feels them that is for sure.

Tonight is my FAVORITE night of the year. I get my hour back that they stole from me when they set the clocks ahead in the Spring!! I feel sleep deprived for months after that!! Now I will feel rested. I wish they would find a time and LEAVE IT THERE!! The cows don't give a hoot what the clocks say....they need milked when they are ready! The kids have lighter mornings for a few more weeks, but darker afternoons. SO WHAT!! SHEESH.

Well, on that happy note....have a great weekend!!