Monday, August 22, 2011

Hi Strangers!

Wow, a long time between posts, but I refuse to give this blog up!
What have I been up to?
LIFE, that's what!!
I seemed to have hit this monstrous plateau in my weight loss regime, but I am sort of maintaining. I go up and down 5 pounds. I am not changing my eating habits, but I tried to exercise and that hurt me so I then got the "fear of moving" in me. I still work full time at my job, and I do not want to be out of work because of the excrutiating pain I seem to get when I exercise. I am 62 years old, Arthritic, Diabetic, Fibromyalgia, severe reaction to chlorine (no swimming aerobics), and work 40-50 hours a week. I went to a Rheumatologist and she told me all of the above and said to exercise 5 minutes at a time as to not over strain the muscles. Makes sense, but the music to Sweatin to the oldies is 45 minutes. ok, I can do it and I will in my time or should I say "God's time".
With this said I felt the calling to start an Overeater's Anonymous meeting in my town here. There is one 12 miles away at 7:00pm Monday nights. I'm ready for bed at that time! So I started one here at 4:30pm. I registered it on the OA site and we have 4 gals coming so far.
I put up poster in town but they seem to disappear. jerks.
The twelve steps are the same as alcoholics anonymous, and is conducted the same as an AA meeting we only replace the word alcohol with food.
I am still 50 pounds loss from last year at this time. I gave up beef, pork & butter July 22nd 2010 and have not had any since. I try really hard to eat mostly what grows from the ground or has a mother. I try to keep away from processed foods. That is hard, but I am getting there.

I crochet, and I am also into making jewelry. I buy seed beads and other small beads and make bracelets & earrings. I love it. It is very therapeudic and keeps me away from the computer.

TaTA for now!


Mary Lou said...

wow it is orangey in here!

Phyllis said...

Yeah, I tried the new apps available.

Anonymous said...

I do have an email.


(Don't publish this one! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Leave it to me to mess up! My first email apparently didn't reach you. I am a lurker from Canby, OR and I have read your blog and your sister's for some time. I used to live in Aberdeen, so reading your blogs makes me homesick.


I will be 80 in October and I'm too old to learn any more tricks. I do not have a blog.

Phyllis said...

Well hello Verna! My sis & I are on facebook too. what is your blog address? I will go visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Phyllis.
I don't have a facebook or blog, just that email. Maybe someday I'll get a newer computer and then I can see what all these new sites are! Meanwhile, I'll enjoy YOUR blog and leave notes here!
---or answer your emails!

Anji said...

Glad to hear that you are okay and keeping very, very busy. Good luck with your OA group

Sally said...

Hi Phyllis! My computer doesn't update when you post, but decided to check in this morning.

Girl, I am SO proud of you sticking to your guns. You've had a lot to overcome, but you do it!!

Love you lots, and hope you blog more often when you can!

Dick said...

I hadn't checked your site in some time but just today found that you'd made another post. I am averaging at least one a month, so am ahead of you, but it is good to see you here again. Although now it has again been almost six weeks since you posted here. Let's see you here more often!

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

wow girlee. Awesome!!!!!! weight progress. GOOD FOR YOU :) !!!!!!!!!!
glad to see you here.. i miss your pictures of the cats :) I was wondering how you were.. :) Very nice of you to keep us posted.. I am VERY impressed that you have adapted in such a clever way to these new challenges. its very inspiring.. love to hear of it :) Hope to see more and the very best of luck with your oa and everything else :)

Sally said...

Hi Phyllis - just checking in to see what you're doing. I guess you've given up blogging, at least for now. But, that's okay!

Love ya!!

Anji said...

How has the last year treated you? August already - again!