Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The rubber Chicken caper

I seem to have stopped blogging.
Well too much was going on and I worked and just did not have anything interesting to blog about.
Ok folks, I am baaaack!!

We at work sometimes have very stressful days. The people in Dispatch are stuck at their desks and have the most stress because they answer the phones, talk with the drivers, call 911 when needed, etc.

One of the Dispatchers (Steve W) has a rather warped sense of humor (as most of us do) and he has a rubber chicken as a desk buddy. DON'T ASK!!

Everyone comments on his stupid rubber chicken. A conversation piece for sure. I think it has been stolen and returned many times. Well I think one of the other Dispatchers got mad at Steve and took his chicken then he found it on his desk in a jello mold. I don't know the beginning of the story, but right now it is getting rather hilarious.
I came to work yesrteday and Steve showed us all a ransom note he found. He is getting frustrated looking for his rubber chicken! These are grownups, mind you.

Well today I came to work and someone had sent an email with a link to youtube Go ahead, click on the youtube.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and see what is next!! HAHAHAHA


Anji said...

I love it! this could turn out to be an international incedent. Please keep us posted.

It's good to see you blogging again.

Dick said...

Rubber chickens are good. One of our Chief's at Metro Transit came to work one day some years ago to find a live chicken in his in-basket on his desk. This was on the 2nd floor of the Exchange Building in downtown Seattle. He was surprised.

Donna said...

Welcome back sweetie! I have "SpongeBob" on my desk!Hahaa...hughugs