Sunday, September 14, 2008

A cats life....simplicity!

Cats don't care how much money you spend on them at all. They are satisfied with the bag you brought it home in. Just empty the bag, throw it on the floor and you will be entertained for hours!
Punkin, on the other hand, will have nothing to do with such silliness! She has never played like a kitten, she just sits on your lap or sleeps on your bed. She rules the food dish though.
Elliott and Cinderella are the characters in this house.

The luncheon went well. 111 gals showed yup. I got there at 10:30 to set up and there was a line already! It was supposed to start at 11:30. Gals from all over the State attended. Our speaker has 50 years sobriety, and is 88 years old.
I can rest now for another 10 months. Ahhhhh.

I will be going to Olympia again on Tuesday and returning Wednesday night.

Y'all have a marvelous week!